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What did this baby do to me?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

After having a baby, our focus is often on losing the weight you gained. That is what gets talked about the most among newer moms and in magazine/online articles. However, what can be more dramatic are the overall changes to your body. The changes that happen from growing a baby. Your ribs expand, your core muscles open up, your balance and alignment can be off, just to name a few examples. Even if you return to your pre-pregnancy weight, those body shape changes can remain with you. You may find your favorite shirt might not fit the right way anymore.

A regular yoga practice has so many benefits for newer moms. Physically we strengthen your entire core by getting those muscles to engage again. We are not looking for six-pack abs here! Instead, we want to use all the muscles in your torso so you don’t tax your back. This will also help with the lifting we do as a mom.

All moms need some #metime to recharge. It is so easy to become laser beam focused on our families and leave out our self-care. Self-care is a time for you without judgement! No pining away for the pre-pregnancy you.  In our studio, there are no mirrors on the walls to reflect opinions or create a comparison.  We keep judgement out of our heads and away from each other. Instead, we are thankful for everything our bodies are able to do each day.

My son at 3 months old

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