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Do you remember having a ‘back-to-school’ bedtime when you were a kid? My mom would make us switch to this a few days before school started. Kinda like a warm-up.

Results were being in bed early (with the sun still up) worrying about school for a few nights before we started instead of just the day before!

Lately I have been extending my bedtime by reading later and later. But then this extends my wake-up time in the morning. You might think this is not a bad thing but the work start time didn’t change from 7 am.

Bad news is a short yoga practice time and dog walk. Sometimes I skip the walk altogether. Not taking care of myself because of some late-night reading was becoming a pattern.

This week I am putting myself to that back to school bedtime to TAKE BACK MY ME TIME! So time for some truth! WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM YOUR SELF-CARE?

It usually comes down to time and I can help you to CARVE OUT that TIME for yourself. ⌚️

Start with ME FIRST! - A 30-day program to focus on you! You will take away at least three things from this program: • Reducing your stress. • Taking away any judgment of your body and your physical abilities. • Releasing negative emotions instead of holding onto them. • Improving your health • Giving you strength to face the world • Focusing on your well-being.

I only have enough room on my calendar for 21 ME FIRST New students in the next month. Once I reach that number, the offer will no longer be available.

This program is NOT FOR YOU if you think yoga is only for 20-year old bendy ladies. If you think there are no options for someone who hasn't been exercising for a while or never can go back after an injury. If you want to keep repeating that story in your head, I cannot help you! This is not for you if everyone in your family comes before you, leaving you with no energy for yourself.

This program IS FOR YOU if you are done with being uncomfortable in your own body and not being able to move like you used to. Being tired all the time and feeling sluggish just sucks. If you are a beginner and looking for some feedback and help to start.

Start here -

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