A 30 day Start Yoga Program

Here's what you get:

  • 20 min PRIVATE START SESSION with Michele - A one-on-one session to dig deep into what your body needs and review any injuries or concerns you may have about practicing yoga.  We go over basic props and what to expect in class.

  • UNLIMITED CLASSES for 30 days.

  • Access to all CLASS RECORDINGS for the month - usually only available through membership.

This is REALLY what you get:

  • Reducing your stress. We all need this, especially right now.

  • Taking away any judgement of your body and your physical abilities. That voice in your head, can be TOO loud sometimes.

  • Releasing negative emotions instead of holding onto them. I am not saying you won't have any negative emotions but you don't need to build an entire story around them so you hold on to them forever!

  • Improving your health - no brainer!

  • Giving you strength to face the world - you have this in you!

  • Focusing on your well-being. Let's give you that.